Our Values

We adopt our values such as information security, equality and impartiality as principle and continue the process management in line with these values in all work processes performed by us together with our employees, customers and solution partners.


MET Group follows a process management by being aware of its responsibilities towards the employees, customers, solution partners and environment and values its promise above everything.


MET Group performs all business processes performed with the employees, customers and solution partners impartially.


MET Group adopts transparency in the design, installation and after-sales support processes and performs the work processes with this consciousness.


MET Group adopts the principle of equality in its relations with all employees, customers and solution partners regardless of their races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, social classes, physical abilities and qualifications, religious or moral values, national origins and political views.


MET Group adopts an objective and clear attitude towards the employees, customers and solution partners in all business processes and evaluates the potential problems in line with this principle.


MET Group; follows the process management and keeps its promise ahead of everything.

Service Quality

MET Group adopts the understanding of hundred percent quality in the design, installation and after-sales support processes and completes all works successfully without compromising service quality.

Sense of Ethics

MET Group fulfills its responsibilities related to the provided services in an equitable, transparent and accountable manner.

Information Security

MET Group carries out its works with a management mentality that is aware of the responsibility for the information shared in the business processes performed.